Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feeling so sorry for myself...

... I decided I needed a cheer me up, get well card. So I sent myself one.
I know - SAD, but I'm sick. That's about as good an excuse as any.
And isn't the card cute???

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day observations

I'm sick as a dog (where does this saying come from anyway?). High temperature, chesty cough, sore throat, numbing headache as well as pain in every part of my body. I blame this on work, not that it makes this any better.
The day started off not so well, got better, then it got worse again (after completely clearing my wardrobe of clothes I'd always kept "for the time I lose weight").
Have attempted to sleep for the past 4 hours but in vain. I refuse to take medication, this one's gotta move out of my system on its own or I'll never get rid of it.
But other than that - Merry Christmas! ;-)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve observations

1. Classic FM rocks! I spent the entire day listening to them, playing carol after carol - very cool. Not that it got me into the Christmas spirit but it was the perfect background music for
2. cleaning my flat. I managed to get a lot done, including doing three loads of laundry and dish washing! Nothing left to wash now for a while ;-)
3. Found this FANTASTIC piece of software called Replay Radio which records from streaming internet radio!!! I've recorded most of the stuff I've listened to on Classic FM! How cool is that? And now I can record a LOT of other radio shows which is absolutely brilliant!
4. It is SO WARM outside that I didn't have to turn the heating on and it's still 21C in my living room. Seriously weird and not Christmassy at all. I suppose this is one of the reasons I don't get into the Christmas mood. I need snow. Without it, it's not Christmas for me.
5. A tub of "Sour cream & onion" Pringles and one of "Pralines & cream" Haagen Dazs go a long way and are perfect as a Christmas Eve dinner!
6. At about 6pm everything went dead quiet. People are not out on the streets, no cars, nothing. So, so nice. Almost makes me feel like I'm really far, far away.
7. I'm still fighting this damn cold and can't get rid of it... I suppose dancing three hours non-stop at the company Christmas Party on Thursday night didn't help.
8. Off to bed now...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am the proud owner of a...

... BLUE rope light!!! This is what it looks like after I've managed to hang it on a self made bamboo contraption so I wouldn't have to attach it to the wall. Obviously you won't see the rest of my bedroom, the whole idea was to show you what it looks like in the dark *g*

On a different note - last night I went to see the theatre adaptation of "Edward Scissorhands" which was absolutely fantastic!!! I think I might have to go and see it again before it finishes at the beginning of February. The music, the acting, the dancing - everything was just breathtaking, funny and inspiring. Two thumbs up!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Advent calendars...

I don't know why I go through the trouble to make things nice at work when some people I work with truly don't deserve it. But I like making people happy so I set about making an advent calendar for work.
Two years ago I actually made a calendar for each member of my team. People loved it but it was A LOT of work (I'm talking about hours and hours). I said never again. Go figure...
Clearly I was too late to make a proper one since it's already December 11th but I thought we've got two more weeks at work so I called this one the "10 working days countdown to Christmas" calendar. Again... each and everyone in the team got one of those:

I daresay it'll put a smile on their faces since we've had so much shit to deal with at work. And I have to admit that no way in hell would I have done one for our so-called team leader if it hadn't been too obvious. But he truly does not deserve it, he's a pathetic, pathetic person. But I'm nothing if not fair, eh?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I managed to get Oh Come All Ye Faithful converted into an mp3 of about 1.4MB... so not that big.

Download it here if you want to hear us sing :-)
Sorry for the not so great quality (I should mention that the rustling sounds in the background every now and then are people throwing money into the buckets we had at our feet).

PLEASE do a right click and Save As on the link so that it doesn't overload my account. Thanks.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Carol singing - round two

Just got back from caroling at Woking Station. What fun that was, fantastic!
I was afraid we'd be really cold as we were singing in the ticket hall on platform 5 where the doors to outside were open but we were really lucky, it was quite warm.

We went through most songs as planned, some better than others, my favorites though were "Oh come all ye faithful" and "O little town of Bethlehem" (a different version from what most of you will know). We sang them really well.

The people's reactions were varied but most managed to smile when I looked at them directly, lots of people put in lots of money so that was great too and the best of all - some actually stopped, and didn't just listen, but actually called people on their mobiles and held them up so they could hear us!!! I mean, I DO THAT in concerts! LOL It was really sweet, I couldn't stop smiling. We will find out how much money we have raised on Monday, I shall post this here then.

God, I could do this all day, every day. I mean my voice is gone again but what I'm saying is that I really, really, really want to do this forever and ever.
I managed to record some of the songs but am not sure if I can transfer them to here. I'll try to figure it out and will upload it here if things work out.

Woking Choir ROCKS!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Carol singing

I did my first round of Christmas caroling today. As with everything that involves me singing, it was a lot of fun!

Woking Choir does the carol singing at the Woking Hospice's "Light up a life" event every year and I was asked if I wanted to join so I thought why not?

We sang a lot of carols and I really enjoyed myself (though it was REALLY cold).
A boy of about 14 years then turned the lights on at the Hospice.
Funny I never knew what it was about, but from my living room window I actually see the Hospice and the Christmas lights and every year they turned them on at the beginning of December. Now I was part of the whole event! Very cool!
Weird, I'm starting to get really attached to Woking... I like being part of the community. Doesn't sound like me AT ALL! The choir's doing weird things to me. I suppose it's time to move then!!! ;-)

Anyway - more caroling on Wednesday. This time at Woking train station, for the White Lodge Centre. We'll be cheering up commuters and (hopefully) raising some money!
I shall be trying to film a bit of it and maybe upload it here. But I can't make any promises.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I am such a sentimental fool. I wonder why I find it so hard to let go off the things that have made me really happy? Why is it that instead of remembering these times with a huge smile on my face, I always want to cry and stomp my foot like a three year old, demanding to have these times back? I really don't get it...
Today's sentimentality fit came from listening to the Missa Solemnis. Sometimes I wish I'd gotten to perform this a million times until I was truly sick and tired of it and would never want to hear it ever again.
It's easier to hate than to love. That much I know.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Check out the accessories/music gifts! The coolest things EVER!