Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some things...

... DO work out eventually.
Like the job I applied for in my company. I talked to the HR person from the US yesterday and she told me that they want to take this further - which is pretty much the go ahead for my move to the US.
Now, don't get all excited cause I didn't. I know better than that. I had a job in the States before and the whole Visa thing didn't work out. So I'm a bit further this time, what with having an almost degree PLUS almost 5 years work experience but still - things can go wrong. They can tell me they don't want me in the country.
So, whilst this may all be very exciting, it could also go wrong. But it's nice to know that the IT department over there has enough faith in me to want me.
As far as I can see, getting to the US is a lot less exciting for me today than it was even a year ago. Call it road weary or just weary, I don't know. I suppose I've just wanted this for such a long time that finally getting the chance to go is like an anti-climax.

Either way - I've got both eventualities planned out. If I do move - fantastic. Time to start that new life I've been wanting to start for such a long time. If I don't move, well, what the heck. I've got my choir, I've got my music, I've got my writing... it's all good here. Not fantastic but good. And that's a huge improvement for me. And if things don't work out, I'm definitely leaving the company. Because if there is one negative element left in my life, it is the EMEA part of this company. I cannot wait to see the back of it! The amount of energy this takes out of me on a daily basis is incredible and totally unnecessary. So it'll be the end of that.

But in the end... I'll take it as it comes, I suppose. See what works out and what doesn't. Suffice it to say though - if it DOES work out, I'm moving in less than two months. Suddenly time is going by so quickly! :-)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day

I came across this site today - Ecological Footprint Quiz

Very interesting quiz to take - go for it and post your results in the comments!
This is my result - YIKES!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thank heavens...

... it's finally over. No more St. Mathew Passion by Bach. Halleluja!
We performed it last night at Guildford Cathedral and it was without a doubt the most boring thing I've ever had to sing and sit through. I feel bad for everyone that's come out to see me.
Apart from being allergic to the "lyrics", I also found the music pretty bland and what's worse, not very challenging. And, of course, the fact that the choir doesn't sing through the entire piece made it even more boring. We had to sit and stand and sit and stand about a million times - UGH. So glad it's over. Besides, whilst the audience didn't seem to notice, I personally thought we weren't very good. We missed our cues, got the rhythm wrong a few times and just generally weren't as good as we can be.
But hey, I can now say I performed in a Cathedral - truth be told, I would've bowed out of rehearsing/performing this piece if we hadn't done the performance in the Cathedral. It just wasn't worth the aggravation I felt going into rehearsals each Monday.

Either way - it's OVER!!!
Onwards to Vaughan Williams "5 English Folk Songs", Rutter's "Birthday Madrigals" and some opera choruses, to be performed at the end of June. I can't wait!