Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, it has been a while since I posted in here. Sorry but I honestly did not feel much up to it and in fact, still don't.
However, since my head is about to burst of I don't turn it off, I thought I'd do something easy going and this blog came to mind.

Why is my head bursting? I suppose for good reasons really - I have finally attacked the job market, uploading my CV to about 10 or 11 websites on Sunday. I have been on the phone pretty much all the time since Monday morning. Talking to recruiting agencies and recruiters, having phone interviews and setting up in-person interviews.
And whilst I'm glad so many see the potential in placing me for all kinds of jobs, I'm completely overwhelmed at the moment. I can barely tell one agency from the other and am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to interviews.
It is a bit annoying really. Here I am, with all this experience of 7 years in IT under my belt but having to prove myself all over again for each and every interview. It gets so damn tiring and exhausting! Still, I shouldn't complain I guess... so long as some kind of job comes out of this, I shall keep on going.
I've had two phone interviews so far and I'll have an in-person interview each day until Friday. You know, the whole dressing up and playing pretend thing. Hate it! Still, let's keep the fingers crossed that something will come up that not only pays well, but is also fun and interesting. Not holding my breath though (yeah, so I've been burned before and it's turned me negative - sue me!)

I'll try to update this more often from now on but won't make any promises. Am all "worded out" at the moment.