Monday, April 21, 2008

Miles and miles

I am so proud of myself - I've bought a new bike (Billy IV) and have been riding it to and from work every day (including this morning in the bloody rain!!!!)
But on top of that, I left the stupid car at home tonight too and cycled to choir rehearsal and back! YEY! That's basically a total of 7 cycled miles for me today!!!!!! (5 miles to and from choir, 2 to and from work).
Proud or not though... my butt HURTS!!!

Here's the trip to choir so you can get an idea (I took the long way because I cycled with a friend and she knew the way and it was less dangerous roads!!!)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rather funny

So here I am in a new job (where pretty much everything about it feels wrong) and the two sources of comfort I have are:

  1. A view out of the window, looking onto my old company's building *sigh*
  2. Posters of David Hasselhoff all over the office. Whereas everyone sees it (and him) as a complete joke, he actually makes me smile. I'll daresay, if I ever reveal my Hasselhoff past to these 22-year olds, I will be burnt at the stake or something similar! LOL

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ahm... HELLO????

I'm a bit confused... two days ago we had 17C, sign of summer approaching, surely???

Guess I was wrong... I woke up to this view out of my window (note the ICE on the road!)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Comply Or Die

Far be it for me to bet on anything... ever. But boy, am I glad I did this time!
Tipped off by a colleague at work, I went ahead and (after a few hours of familiarising myself with the site) signed up for a betting site in order to bet on one of the horses that would win this year's Grand National.
The incentive of signing up with that particular site was that you got more money back than you invested, whether you won or not. Winning, of course, being the icing on the cake.
So I am very glad to report that after betting 30 pounds on three different horses, I won a total of 200 pounds because one of them (Comply Or Die) was the actual winner!!!!!!!! (another one of them came in third, too!!!)
Not bad for a few hours' work, wouldn't you say??? ;-)

Now... what shall I do with all that lovely money??? LOLOLOL