Friday, July 18, 2008

The list goes on and on...

Well, here I am again, as promised.
My team leader has come up with a few more swear words throughout this week. Yet I have to say that even though this week was supposed to be one of the more stressful ones, it wasn't too bad and thus his swearing wasn't as often as I'm used to. Nor did I have as much time on my hands to make sure I catch every single one of his frequent outbursts!
So for your enjoyment, I present: Swearing week 2! (oh and can I just point out that whilst this may seem incredibly funny, it is absolutely unbearable to sit next to EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK - I just do not understand how this type of person is tolerated in an entire team)

Friday, July 11, 2008


I suppose I ought to start with an apology for the fact that I've stayed away from this blog for such a long time and even when I do drop by, it's not as often as I'd like.
I do have a good reason though - I very much care about all of you who read my blog and don't want to drag you down with me. Because quite frankly, the only thing I can think of to write about right now is how much my life sucks and how much I hate my job.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? What I did to deserve finding another job/company that evokes the same kind of misery that IBM did a year ago, I don't know.
Still, I'm trying to stay positive, hard as it may be.
However one thing I do want to share with you. It seems I am cursed. Cursed with the 'team leader from hell' curse.
Having left MRO support in the UK in 2006 I thought I'd never come across another idiot team leader ever again. So take a wild guess. I have.
Granted, this one isn't as terrible a human being as my old one was (incredible freak that he was) but he is equally detrimental to my health and daily well being.

I will not go into the exact depths of how incapable he is as a team leader - to me that's a given. I have yet to see a good one!!! But the fact that I have to sit next to him every single day at work is enough to make me want to jump off any cliff or high building that comes my way.
Sadly the open plan office in which I work is so open plan that there are NO partition walls. Meaning you can see and hear everything the people around you do and/or say. Which doesn't have to be such a bad thing with one exception. My team leader is the most negative person I've ever met. And without a doubt the most foul-mouthed one too!!! I barely come in and sit down at my desk and he starts swearing. But dear God, what KIND of swearing! It's so varied!!! He's using combinations I would've never thought of in my wildest nightmares!
So to make the nightmare of someone like that seem at least a bit more fun, I've decided to compile a spreadsheet and keep track of his swearwords throughout the day.
Unfortunately what with work and actually doing something all day, I might miss out on some of his outbursts. But I will present you with the results from time to time. Just to give you an idea of what I have to put up with.

This is just one day's worth of swearing. And it's during a week that he wasn't all too stressed. Next week will be MUCH better. I'll keep you updated!

Oh and I did forget to mention how disgusting he is, too. Because multiple times a day, he picks his nose, then looks at whatever he's found and tries to discreetly get rid of it. Then he does the same with his ears. I shudder just thinking about it. And then he tends to want to touch my keyboard and mouse when I need help. UUUUUUGHHHH. Disgusting. Utterly and totally and unacceptably disgusting.
More spreadsheet joy to follow next week. And maybe some pictures too ;-) Just to keep postivie here!