Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twinkly lights...

I volunteered at the Lightbox again today and after I was finished, I watched the annual cavalcade of illuminated boats floating on the Basingstoke Canal. They stopped in front of the Lightbox (which is right on the canal) and were watched by many, many people and some judges. I wish I could say which of the approximately 20 boats won but it was so damn cold, I legged it after about 5 minutes!
Here some pictures (Sorry the quality's not better but I only had my phone with me and it's not the best for taking pics!)

The announcement for the event on the Footbridge

The first boats floating in

The boats alligned and ready to be judged

The Lightbox

More views of the boats

Seen from the footbridge

The boats and the Lightbox in the background

People braving the cold and rain to watch

And after leaving the boats and the Lightbox behind, I took some more pictures of a festively decorated Woking town centre :-)

The Woking Borough Council Offices...

...the Ambassadors theatre and cinema...

...and last but not least - the Woking Christmas Tree...

... with the Peacocks Shopping Centre in the background.