Sunday, March 11, 2012

The simple joys

Seems that whenever I try hardest to make space in my head for some 'me time', I always fail. Forced relaxedness (is that even a word?) doesn't work. Planned relaxedness doesn't either.
So it is doubly joyous when such a relaxing day occurs out of the blue.

Today was just such a day. Helped by the fact that I currently suffer from tendonitis in my left wrist and have forbidden myself to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in front of the computer typing away, I was left with a whole Sunday to fill. Somehow I also allowed myself to ignore the mess in my apartment and kitchen and simply sat down to read.

Over the past few months, I have noticed that reading is something that just won't work for me if my brain is too full with other crap. It never used to be that way and I used to read books every day but over the past few years something changed and it became more taxing to read. I found my joy of reading again around Xmas time when I picked up and read through all the Harry Potter books. It opened me up to a new found appreciation for great stories and reminded me of my second greatest love after music - reading.

I started reading Harry Potter again shortly after finishing it last year. I was so used to having those characters in my life that finishing book 7 left me bereft, missing them, wanting their company again. So I started from scratch... but then the holidays were over and I was back to work, back to the usual grind and my brain just couldn't cope. I made it through the first three books again - this time over the span of two months.

Fast forward to today, when I simply picked up the fourth book this morning and read through it until I was finished. It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and really warm but it didn't matter. I saw no reason to force myself out when I had such an enchanting way of spending my day indoors.

And as I put the book away, getting ready to pick up the next one, the thought that often strikes me, struck me again - 'If everything in this world were to collapse and my way of life were to change forever, I would still, for all eternity have music and books.' It doesn't get simpler and more satisfying than that.


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