Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mighty bang updates

So yesterday morning I went and took pictures of what had happened the night before.

So this is the place where the roof once stood

And this is the roof itself, now plonked on the carpark right next to the hospital LOL

Now today, I noticed they had taken the glass out of the "parked" roof...

... and replaced the missing pieces on the actual roof of the building. It looked like business was back as usual at the hospital.

Oh and this is what it would normally look like if someone hadn't crashed into it LOL

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A mighty bang!

And people are telling me Woking is a boring little town where nothing ever happens. Yeah. Right. Like nothing happened today at 6.30pm when I heard and felt a huge BANG in the vicinity of my home.
Granted, I was in the middle of writing a gripping short story for my Creative Writing class later that night but I heard and felt it. I just couldn't place it, nothing huge seemed to happen so I just continued to write. An hour later, whilst I noticed that there was some commotion across the road at Woking Hospital, I didn't really put two and two together and left for my class.

Fast forward two hours - it is now 9.30pm and I get back from my class to find the mother of all cranes lifting something up at the hospital. The entrance road to the hospital was blocked by flashing police cars and there was a lot of loud noise that sounded a lot like cutting through metal. I went into my home, spent 5 minutes doing nothing but wondering what the hell was going on and when the noise would stop until I could bear it no more. I walked across the street and asked a kind lady what had happened.
Turns out someone actually drove INTO the hospital entrance. Over the entrance there was this nice V-shaped roof. Well, it's there no more. Whoever drove into it, managed to bring it to its knees, so that they had to bring in this huge crane and a load of people to rip it off the actual hospital building. Not that I put two and two together at that point to realize that this was the bang I'd heard earlier LOL It took me a while longer to remember (what can I say, my story was really gripping and very dramatic, it had priority over some loud bang).
And all this is happening in front of my house. I opened the windows and tried to take pictures with my camera but sadly they didn't come out too well. If you try really hard, you can see the crane in this one.

I will follow up with more info as light dawns on Woking tomorrow morning and I will be able to survey the actual damage a bit better :-)