Friday, January 23, 2009

Absolutely divine!!!

I am obsessed with this piece and this video... don't just listen - WATCH. Look at his hands, his fingers, how they move so flawlessly and seemingly barely touching the keys! I can't even believe it's humanly possible to play this piece and with such perfection and passion!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has passed and it is time to take a look back at this year and take stock of what 2008 has brought.

It didn't start under the best of circumstances, with my sweet uncle having just been diagnosed with a brain tumor which eventually took his life in February, a day before his 70th birthday. To say that this has been one of the hardest times in my life would be an understatement but, as with everything, it brought out many positives as well. Having doubted my decision to move back from the US to the UK previously, I was now so very thankful to be closer to my family, to be able to fly and see my uncle again a few times before he passed away and more importantly, to be able to help my auntie and spend tons of quality time with her which brought us so much closer than I ever thought possible. It showed me just how strong some people can be in the face of adversity and it never ceases to amaze me how hope and faith and love can heal every heart and soul.

On the job front, 2008 was also a revelation in many ways. Having taken a time-out from working after my return from the US, I eventually ran out of money and started applying for jobs.
The good news was that I had plenty of interviews, probably around 2 a day for about 3 to 4 weeks. In the end, I had two offers on the table - one from a local company in Woking called Fidessa and another from HP in Bracknell. The convenience of having found another job where I live plus the circumstances at the time made me choose Fidessa and turn down a much better offer from HP. Without going into any details, Fidessa turned out to be hell on earth from day one. I somehow seem to attract the psycho team leaders and managed to find one again at Fidessa. After 5 months I handed in my notice, reclaimed my sanity and brains and never looked back.
Through what I would like to think of as fate, I got in touch with one of the guys I had interviewed with at HP and because I had had such a great rapport with everyone there at the time, I applied for another job there, got it and have been part of a fabulous, multi-national, open-minded, fun, relaxed and enjoyable team for the past 4 months. Looking back at my time at Fidessa it still boggles my mind how I stuck it out for so long but if nothing else, I now know I can NEVER EVER work in a pure British work environment again. It drove me bloody crazy!

In other terms, 2008 was the year of spending and wasting money for me. Due to the fact that I was used to save my money so I could get to the US, suddenly that goal wasn't there anymore and I started spending everything I earned. Mainly on food (which usually got thrown away!!!!) but also on a ton of things I would normally never spend this much money on.

Still, 2009 is a year full of promise. It will be my year of budgeting, saving money and generally trying to get back to being a bit more money conscious again.
On my list of 'resolutions' for the new year are things like getting used to making meal plans, buying less food out (aka cantine at work), cooking more, eat more healthy, exercise some but more importantly for you, the 2 or so readers of this blog... I will update this blog on a regular basis from now on.
And also, *drum roll*, my 'A photo a day' blog is officially reopened. After a break of two years, I have decided that my brandnew Nikon D80 camera deserves to showcase its brilliance so I shall post a picture a day again :-)

Enough for now, I hope everyone's 2009 is going to be everything you wish for and my wish for this year is to hear from you in the form of comments on my blog entries!!!