Monday, July 30, 2007

Not much to report

Indeed, I haven't got much to say since nothing much is happening at the moment.

My wrist seems to be healing nicely though I still cannot use it for much. I can't really hold on to anything with it, I can't really move it in certain directions and I have a dull ache in it all the time. Nothing bad enough to take painkillers for but it's not exactly nice either. I'm still wearing the splint as much as I can though it's really uncomfortable now because it's so hot out there and it makes my hand sweat.

Jobwise there's no updates. I'm starting to lose my patience with all things job-related. I sent an email to the hiring manager for the NC job and have told her that my end date is September 5th and I'd really like to know whether there's any updates on that job or if I need to consider packing for Europe. So far I haven't heard back. I will try to apply for other jobs here in Bedford I guess but I'm really so fed up with being in this limbo situation, not knowing what the hell I'll be doing in less than 6 weeks time. So what's new, eh? I'll keep you updated.

I've been really tired lately. And when I say tired, I mean SO tired that I've come home at 5pm and took a nap for two hours. Very weird behavior for me. Obviously, when I take a nap in the middle of the day, I won't get to bed until something like 3 or 4am that night so my entire system is screwed up. I'm confused about the tiredness though - I will watch it more closely and see if I can manage to understand where it comes from.

That's it... another week starting tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well, what can I say... my hand is turning yet another couple of shades yellower/greener/bluer. Very interesting to watch. I've tried capturing the actual color with my camera but it just doesn't do it justice. If I should succeed, I'll post the pic here.

On to more important updates. Harry Potter, book 7. Do not fear, no spoilers here unless you WANT to read them.

I shall comment on the book in a color that will not be visible to people reading the blog without actually highlighting the text. So, I'll start with something everyone can read... purchasing the book.

I called my local Borders and Barnes & Noble to find out if I could just show up at midnight and pick up my copy. Get this... they told me that if I had not made reservations I would have to show up at their store before 10pm last night and get a writstband. That would allow me to get into the store. At the same time, it would mean though that everyone who had reserved the book (the entire friggin UNIVERSE basically) would get to buy the book first. And I'd have to just wait around and kill time in the middle of the night until MAYBE there were enough books left to sell me one. I politely declined and in my mind was telling them to stick it where the sun don't shine. I really ain't THAT desperate.

So the plan changed... revised plan: get a good night's sleep and show up at the store 15 minutes before opening time at 9am. I followed through with the plan and I was at Borders at 8.50am. I remembered too late that I had meant to bring my iPod along in case stupid idiots decided to talk about what they've heard about the book. And of course, they did so in numbers... I shall continue writing in white now - highlight the text but BEWARE, I'm giving away all there is to give away about the book!!! You've been warned!

So I stand in line and some idiot at the front starts blabbering about how she'd watched the news this morning and how they'd showed someone finishing the book and how their reaction was... and everyone in the line was going SSSSSHHHHHHHH, SHHHHHH!!! Do you think that stopped the stupid bitch? She was saying how it's no secret that JK Rowling had mentioned that 2 characters die and apparently the news had reported that 6 characters die. SHHHHHH, SHHHHH - nope, that still didn't stop her. She actually tried to defend herself saying it was common knowledge, it had been leaked everywhere. Oh for F***'S SAKE!!! Shut your stupid trap, you moron! Anyway... thankfully they opened the store and I was out with my copy of the book by 9.10, convinced that I would've cast the Avada Kedavra curse on that jerk if I could've.

On to the book - 750 pages... I skipped the chapter's names because I was afraid they'd give away something. I started reading while still in line at the store and with about a total of 3 hours' break, I finished about ten minutes after midnight.
I found it an interesting read, I found myself shaking my head in wonder at all the pieces that she'd tied back together from the previous books. I was seriously impressed. I was also very impressed that she had not continued to bore me to tears about the stupid little lovey dovey couples she'd spent most of her time on in the last book. The story flows without a hitch and it continuously hit me that she must've had this entire storyline in her head from the start or she wouldn't have been able to make it all tie in together so neatly in the end.
Another thought I had whilst reading was that I will most definitely NOT watch the movie that will be made out of this one. It will be cruel and violent and very bloody.
Knowing the way she had written the past 6 books, I expected the big showdown only towards the very end, the chapter before last. I was disappointed. Not only didn't I feel like there was a gratifying showdown, I couldn't really bring myself to cry for those that died (apart from Dobby - he was the only one that squeezed tears out of my eyes). I guess I was expecting so much from it that the actual story let me down.
Most surprising was the fact that my sister's predictions came true - almost completely. She knew Harry was a Horcrux and thus had to die so Voldemort would die too. However, JK Rowling twisted it neatly so as to not kill Harry. Personally that was the biggest disappointment. Not that I wanted Harry dead, don't get me wrong. But if he lived the explanation, the climax, everything should've been much grander.
Not to mention the epilogue! That really made me GAG. I mean... COME ON!!! Did we HAVE to look 19 years into the future??? Really? Whatever for? Without a doubt, the least needed and weakest point in the book, overshadowing all good stuff she'd written on the pages before. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, it felt such a goddamn Hollywood ending.
I was however proud of myself for believing to the very end that Snape was (in a way) good. I liked the way she wrote his character in the end.

I guess my overall impression is... meh, I could've done without it. I remember all her other books which towards the end had me gasping for breath and making my heart beat loudly - this did nothing of the kind. I'm sure the yearlong wait and my expectations had something to do with it but it still didn't do much for me.
And I guess in the end, by not killing Harry (though showing him to us in 19 years) - she's still leaving a backdoor open for his return, just in case...

OK, so this is the end here. Comment on this if you want to but a warning to those who don't want spoilers, I can't control the font color in comments so you've been warned!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, as time goes by and I sit around with my hand elevated, in a split or iced, my wrist seems to start to heal.
Proof is the interesting color chage I've been observing - if you're squeamish, you might not wanna look at the second picture further down in this post. The picture doesn't actually do it justice, it looks even worse in real life LOL It just doesn't feel as bad as it looks (so long as I keep it in my splint).

The first picture however, I found on my memory card from one of my cake decorating classes. We were learning to make bows but I decided to make it a bit more colorful and less "Bow-y" since I really don't dig bows at all. So this is the result!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More misery

Well... it was only a matter of time until this happened so just as well I got it over and done with.

Had my ice skating lesson Tuesday and after I was done, I still had some ice time left so I continued to skate and practice. And then, suddenly - BOOOM. Flat on my ass. I felt pain in my left hand and my butt was hurting a little too. My instructor and others that were on the ice came over to check if I was ok. I suppose I was kind of ok though my left hand hurt like hell. I managed to take a few deep breaths to calm down and then moved off the ice and sat down for a while. Then I packed my stuff up and left... at this point my hand was killing me and it had started to swell. Oh boy. Hyphchondriac me thought "I've broken my wirst!!!" but I didn't know what to do so off I went driving back to work. I figured someone would be there who'd know what I should do LOL

Indeed, I was lucky because a colleague had worked for an orthopaedic doctor years ago and told me that if I could move my fingers and my wrist, it wasn't broken. Phew! Then she told me to go to the Lahey walk in clinic in Burlington, since I didn't have a Primary Care Provider (in plain English, a doctor). So I spent the next 4 hours at work icing my hand with an ice pack I found in the freezer, and then went to the walk in clinic.

Surprisingly, everything went quite smoothly. I waited for a while then was called in, I was asked what was going on, they took my temperature and then sent me back to wait some more. After a while they called me in again and a doctor looked at my hand which at this point was ugly swollen and started turning slightly blue and then he started poking it!!! I mean, OOOOOWWWW!!!!!!! STOP FRIGGIN POKING ME, IT HURTS!!!! Obviously he needed to figure out if my navicular bone was broken (ha, google it if you don't know what it is) but it still hurt like hell. So then he sent me to radiology where a very nice guy called Larry took about 6 x-rays of my hand in different positions. Then he sent me back to wait some more. Then I was called in again and the doctor came back and told me that it doesn't look like I'd fractured anything and he gave me a splint to keep my wrist straight (see pictures below). He also told me that I needed to RICE. I was like... HUH???
Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Ahhhmmm... of course, I knew that! ;-)
The doc was kind enough to show me the x-rays, I asked him if I could take one home and he said that's not possible cause nowadays they're digital (and then he showed them to me on the screen - I've got SUCH pretty bones in my hand, I can't even tell you! It's definitely one of my best features!). Shame, I would've liked to post them here - as things stand, just two bad pics of my hand in a splint will have to do.

Needless to say, being a lefty makes this such a big annoyance. I can't wash my hair, I can't dress myself properly (not with a bra anyway!) and I'm not even gonna get into details about my visits to the toilet LOL Thankfully, I already feel much better so I'm in good spirits about it. Two, three more days and I should be back to normal (I hope!)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Well, wish I could write something more entertaining but I've spent the best part of last week sick in bed. Sore throat, headaches, runny nose - you name it, I've got it.
The only good thing about it was that I actually was with it enough to be able to read. I've gone through the first 8 Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich in 7 days. A record even by my standards but her novels are so easy to read and they're really quite good fun! (Thanks Corinna for the tip!!!!).
I had taken Monday and Tuesday off to have a long weekend coupled with July 4th which was Wednesday but being sick I didn't quite get to enjoy my time off as I'd planned.
It stands to reason that I'd stay at home on Thursday too seeing as I was probably the most miserable on that day but I didn't want to miss out on a lot of my colleague's last day at work.

July 5th should have been my end date with this job too - I should've been the one saying goodbye to everyone and turning my back to the building in Bedford and never look back. As things are, I was extended for two more months so my new end date is September 5th. Either I get the job I applied for in Raleigh, NC or I just don't know if sticking around here is really worth it. At the moment I truly don't believe it is. But then again, I change my mind every five minutes when it comes to this so let's sit tight and wait.

It was a very emotional day at work yesterday - lots of tears, hugs and promises to keep in touch. I've only been with the company stateside for a year so to me it's not really hurting too much. Some of those people leaving had been with MRO 15 years or more. It blows my mind how in the big scheme of a bigass company you're a nobody. There's no difference to them if you're there or not. They would never notice either way and you really don't count. People say that's Coporate America but that's not true. It's not just America. It's like this everywhere. People just don't matter anymore. I say we need to populate the moon or some other planet and start a brand new civilization with proper values in place... if that fails, I'd just like a few million dollars so I can buy my own island and not have to deal with this shit anymore.

The third floor of the building is now almost completely empty - it's going to be very weird going to work there without all those people to talk to anymore. Such is life, I guess...

Back to bed - I slept through most of today but I could sleep again right now... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz