Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Repeating myself...!

Let's see... in an attempt to beat the spamming asshole (who seems to have bookmarked this particular post), I  have deleted the original January 19th post and reposting it now. Let's hope this'll be the end of it.
Having said that - a new Zumba insight can be added -  I think Zumba has found an early grave. It's not nearly as much fun as I hoped it would be. If this changes, you'll be the first to know ;)

Location: Weybourne Gymnastics Club
Time: Zumba class time

The instructor asks the class "so what do you guys want to do, shall we just do Zumba or shall we do abs?"
I say "ZUMBA!"
Everyone else says "ABS!"
She asks for a show of hands "who wants to do just Zumba?" Ally and I wave our hands.
She asks for a show of hands "who wants to do Abs?" Everyone else in the class waves their hands.
She apologizes to Ally and me "sorry girls, most wants Abs".

Makes me wonder... if you want Abs exercises - WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING AT A ZUMBA CLASS??????????????????????????

Oh wait, I know! The deluded women on their 'New Year's resolution' kick think this will melt away their tummy fat magically. Dream on, deluded ones! It only happens if you put actual work in and not just by pretending.

Am considering giving the class a boot and finding another one. Though I would miss the cool, springy floor from the gymnastics club!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spammer assholes

Peeps... I've been targeted by some lowlife spammer asshole who keeps spamming my blog via the comment function so for the time being, I will have to moderate comments. This means your comments will now not appear instantly on my blog - they will first have to be approved by me.
Fear not, I shall do this as soon as someone other than spammer losers posts a comment :)
And who knows, once the little prick has moved on to some other blogger, I might not need to do that anymore...! Ah, in a perfect world......