Wednesday, November 30, 2005

NaNoWriMo 2005 - WINNER!!!!!

Well, who would've guessed? I have actually finished the required 50,000 words and am now officially a NaNoWriMo 2005 Winner!!!
The tentative title of the novel is "Travel a lifetime". Remains to be seen if this is the final one or if something better comes along.

Here's a listing of word counts from beginning to end.

November 9th - 780 words
November 10th - 5,191 words
November 11th - 10,495 words
November 12th - 12,066 words
November 13th - 15,926 words
November 14th - 17,538 words
November 15th - 20,654 words
November 19th - 23,693 words
November 20th - 28,688 words
November 22nd - 30,160 words
November 29th - 40,202 words (spot the 10,000 words written in a day!!!)
November 30th - 50,174 words (spot the 10,000 words written in a day!!!)

I'll be arrogant and cocky now and say - I ROCK!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

So angry...

I don't suppose you can stay triumphant forever. After the high I've been on since the performance on Saturday, it was time to come back down to earth.
I just didn't realize it would make me THIS angry.

Choir has been fantastic since I joined - the Missa Solemnis was a piece about God and all that but it was in Latin. It was bearable to sing it because it didn't mean anything. Not to me anyway. It was the music that was the focus.
Still on that high from Saturday, I went to choir rehearsals today knowing we'd start on the new piece straightaway - St. Matthew Passion by Bach.
The dreadfulness of it hit immediately after opening the first page of the score and realizing this was the whole damn story of Jesus! Which I truly wouldn't mind singing about if only I didn't understand the words. Sadly, this is sung in English so I do understand everything.
Needless to say, it has completely and totally put me off. I'm not even sure I want to sing anymore now.

I mean, for heaven's sake!!! Who the hell would want to sing stuff like
"That he for us should give his blood
Should bear our sins o'erwhelming load
The shameful cross enduring" ?

Really, what a total and complete disappointment.
I knew I'd have to come back down to earth, I just didn't realize I'd fall this hard. I want to sing and put my heart into it. If I hate what I sing how can I put my heart into it???

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Ah, the sweet smell of success... the feeling of blood pumping through your veins... the sounds of applause echoing through the hall... I experienced all that last night.

The beauty that is the Missa Solemnis (or Mass in D) by Beethoven was finally performed by the Woking Choir at the H.G.Wells centre last night.
I was confident with most of the parts, after all I had spent numerous hours practising at home, and not just in our weekly rehearsals.
Nervous nevertheless, I had trouble breathing at first - there's nothing like stepping out on a stage to do something you love with all your heart. Obviously my strong notes weren't as strong without the support of a proper breath but thankfully, as a choir, one voice doesn't stand out.
I was surprised when it came to the high Bs - I actually managed to sing them without squeaking too badly!!! I had realized that I was hitting the As pretty easily so I thought it couldn't hurt to belt out the Bs too. Obviously it helped that we finally sang with an orchestra and not just a piano accompanist. Clearly I CAN hit those high notes but I don't have the guts to do it in rehearsal. At least now that I know, I will attempt to transfer this to my future performances/rehearsals.

All in all it was a fabulous evening - the orchestra was a bit loud, I sometimes couldn't hear the rest of the choir apart from those in my immediate vicinity but that wasn't too bad. The soloists were good, I didn't dig the soprano she was "bleating" a bit, as a friend put it so nicely but again, didn't dampen my spirits.
I loved singing what we had worked so hard for the past 12 weeks or so - but I still can't get over the fact that we only get to perform once. It's such a shame, we were just getting really good!!! Oh well... on to the next piece - St. Matthew Passion by Bach. I think that will be fantastic too.

I have to say out of all this crap with my work situation and the fact that they kept stringing me along about the transfer for the past four and a half months, one good came out of having to stay here and wait a bit longer... and that was the fact that I got to perform this with the choir.
There's nothing like making music. NOTHING. And I have the power to make music. How much better can it get??? :-D

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NaNoWriMo and other things...

I'm at 30,160 words with my "novel". Have lost a lot of the initial drive and enthusiasm for it but I won't give up. Mainly because the story and its end is all in my head, I just have to get there. I've written the first 30,000 words as a kind of introduction to the characters and now I have to link it together with the actual action of the book. I find it hard to get the smooth transition done.
Obviously, I'll get there. Time IS running out though so I need to hurry up. Hmmm... I wonder if I can be ill sometime next week? ;-)

Other things going on at the moment are pretty much on a backburner as the novel and my choir performance on Saturday are the only things I am concentrating on now.
I can't wait to perform the Missa Solemnis with the choir. It's been an uphill battle to get some of the parts in it right, with some I just know I can't sing them (damn them high Bs!). I shall mouth during these bits. The rest I'm quite confident with and I'm really looking forward to the performance!
Only problem I have at the moment is that I feel a slight scratching in my throat and people have been sick at work - I don't need this now!!! I've been taking my Paracetamols preventively, but I'm still hoping it's all going to die down before Saturday. I don't give a damn if my throat is hurting - I WILL sing on that stage!!!

Will report again after the performance - I'll be curious to see how we will do. I don't feel we're ready really but maybe I'm being too critical!

Oh yeah... and I'm back on Weight Watchers. Might not have been wise to start before Christmas but it's as good a time as any. There will always be excuses after excuses why I can't do it so I might as well try ;-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NaNoWriMo Update 5

Title: ???
Words: 20,654/50,000 (I'm past 20,000!!! YEY!)
Chapters: 14
Main characters: 4
Characters killed: none
Cheesyness factor: 5/10
NaNoWriMo background music: Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodies
Mood: Somewhere between excited and bored
Sanity: 100%
Procrastinations: 1
Hours spent writing when I should've done something else (aka WORK): 1
Hours spent doing something else when I should've been writing: 0.5
Current thoughts: Again the characters are off on their own little adventure. I have nothing to say, I'm just their tool. It's harder to write now. I can't actually write in the living room, I have to take my laptop into the bedroom and write there lying in bed (well, half lying). It seems to be the only way to get the creativity going. Good enough for me :-)

NaNoWriMo Update 4

Title: ???
Words: 17,538/50,000
Chapters: 12
Main characters: 4
Characters killed: none
Cheesyness factor: 5/10
NaNoWriMo background music: Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodies
Mood: Hyped
Sanity: 100%
Hair torn out: many (not novel related)
Computer crashes: none
Procrastinations: NONE!?!?! (what's the world coming to when I actually do things when I planned to do them...)
Hours spent writing when I should've done something else (aka WORK): 2 (and not feeling guilty at all!)
Hours spent doing something else when I should've been writing: 0
Current thoughts: This is going so much better than I ever thought. I still have the discipline to sit down and write, even after a long day with voice-straining choir rehearsals. The story just seems to write itself so I try not to interrupt. And the best thing about this is - I don't CARE if anyone will ever like it. Because I'm LOVING this!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

NaNoWriMo Update 3

Title: ???
Words: 15254/50,000
Chapters: 10
Main characters: 4
Characters killed: none
Cheesyness factor: 6/10
NaNoWriMo background music: Schumann's complete symphonies
Mood: Indifferent
Sanity: 100%
Hair torn out: none
Computer crashes: none (but the battery almost died on me before I could save)
Procrastinations: 4
Current thoughts: The characters have taken on a life of their own. I've got the basic plot down but they keep doing stuff I didn't want them to. They are unstoppable. I shall let them...

NaNoWriMo Update 2

Title: The jury's still out on that one... I might have an idea though
Words: 12066/50,000
Chapters: 8
Main characters: 4ish
Characters killed: none
Cheesyness factor: 8/10
NaNoWriMo background music: Schumann's complete symphonies
Mood: Slightly insecure
Sanity: 98%
Hair torn out: none
Computer crashes: none
Procrastinations: 20
Hours spent writing when I should've done something else: 0
Hours spent doing something else when I should've been writing: 8
Current thoughts: I need a villain to make it more interesting but it wouldn't really fit! Ah who cares... the story writes itself anyway.

Friday, November 11, 2005

NaNoWriMo Update 1

Starting date: November 9th, 2005
Title: Title? Ha, what title?
Words: 9,143/50,000
Chapters: 5. Or was it 6?
Main characters: 3 (so far)
Characters killed: none
Cheesyness factor: 8/10
NaNoWriMo background music: Schumann's complete symphonies
Mood: Invincible
Sanity: 100%
Hair torn out: none
Computer crashes: none
Procrastinations: 5
Current thoughts: Hah, I never thought it would be this easy!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

NaNoWriMo 2005

Surfing through different blogs last night I came across this website: NaNoWriMo
Being off work for a few days and desperately trying to avoid doing anything university related, I decided to give this a go (though I started 9 days late).
The goal: write a novel of 50.000 words from November 1st to November 30th 2005.

I am already on 5191 words. If I keep at it, I might just be able to complete the task! What's in it for me? Nothing but the satisfaction of finally making a story out of one of the ideas I have been carrying in my head for over 10 years!

Keep your fingers crossed - if I do manage to finish that story, I will publish it on a separate blog. And then God help us all ;-)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mr. Maky Blue

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist... this would be my hero husband - Mr. Maky Blue, of course.
He'd have wings to fly and take me with him wherever he goes. And whilst his trousers look a bit weird and his body is a little too muscly for me, I think he'd be a good husband. He looks kind. And if he's got wings, I'm sure he's got money - what else could a girl want???

Maky Blue

So... while waiting for Blogger to recover from its maintenance work I got bored and typed the word "create" in Most links were not what I was looking for but this one sure kept me busy for a good hour! Check it out!!!

Hero Machine

My result is below... Can I just add that if I had the choice I would definitely want to look like that. I especially like the cape and my "aura" of music notes! I'm one hot Hero, if you ask me!

Fireworks pictures

Well I would've been almost real-time to post the fireworks picture but sadly Blogger decided to do maintenance at that exact time.
So with a two hour delay - here's the only halfway ok pictures I managed to get with my digital camera (I shot about 12 pics with my SLR but I have yet to develop the pics and when I got home I realized that I had a black and white film in the camera... DUH!!!)


Mushrooms, fireworks and jobs

Well... as you can see below - my mushroom has not only mutated into this huge ugly thing, it now also sports an equally ugly sister/brother!?! No worries, Caroline - the smurfs are safe, these mushrooms just don't look good enough to eat anymore.

On another note, it is Guy Fawkes night and I will be going out to attempt a few pictures at the fireworks. I doubt they will turn out but it's worth a try. You will get to see them here if there's something to show ;-)

As for my application for the job in the US - go figure, the idiots have waited four months to make a decision and now the decision has been made for them. The job I had applied for has been axed. Is no more. Bye bye.
However, there is another opening in a slightly different department and I'll go for that (I'm really not choosy about what I do as long as they TRANSFER ME!!!!!!!!!).
If all fails, my backup plan is to go for a job interview here in the UK for a company that I'd actually quite like to work for and they want to see me so - all is good. As long as I get away from the nightmare that is my current job. I've actually had fantasies about handing my notice in and walking out telling them to... well, it gets too graphic here so I won't write it down. But you can figure the rest out ;-)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


...go and buy mushrooms at Tesco's when they seem to grow in the "garden" in the front of my apartment ;-)