Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, this is bloody ridiculous... in two weeks I'm taking off to Boston to start my new life in the US and the only thing I am worried about right now is the game Germany against Argentina!!! I'm really trying to concentrate on work but I'm too hyper and nervous and the move to the US is only a shadow in my mind.

I know Germany's great, I want Germany to win and I would HATE to see Argentina win because they're one of the few countries I really think don't deserve to win.
So I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best - GO GERMANY!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


... to Boston today! To make a long story short, I got the Visa and my transfer to the US is almost complete!

My last working day here in the UK is July 12th, my first working day in the US is July 17th! So soon!!! So much to still do!

I'm going over there for a few days to sort a few things out... maybe find an apartment, a car, sort paperwork out and such things. Everyone over there has been great to me - I'm still stunned that they're so good at helping me out when they clearly said the company would not help with relocation!
Will be back on Monday and then mayhem starts! Cause God knows what the hell I'm gonna do with all my stuff!!!!! ARRGGHHH!!!! Well, I shall know more once I get back from Boston.

For now, bye, bye, I shall report when I'm back ;-)