Sunday, November 29, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009 WINNER!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I did it again! WOOOHOOOO, well done, SUPERMAKY! :-)

What can I say - after almost 30 days of pure torture (and some fun), I have finally reached the 50,000 words needed to call myself winner of the 2009 NaNoWriMo writing extravaganza!!! And in fact, now that I'm at 50,000 words, my story is actually going somewhere and I'm quite looking forward to finishing it! (don't think just cause I hit 50k it means the novel's finished!)
Anyway - thought I'd share this with you and add this little web badge to my blog, to remind myself that everything's possible if you just sit your fat ass down and DO IT! :P

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make a silver ring in a day

So a week late but better late than never!

Last Saturday, I took another course titled 'Make a silver ring in day'. And so I did! It was great fun and I enjoyed it a lot though it can be very loud and quite frankly exhausting because you just don't sit down much during this time.

The instructor was fantastic and instead of forcing us to do a simple ring, she encouraged us to make our own designs and showed us ways of how to accomplish different patterns. Now, you know me... my only creative input to ANYTHING when it comes to design is : MUSICAL NOTES. So I figured I'll make a ring with musical notes on it. Halfway through doing it, I have to admit that I wish I hadn't gone through all the trouble but once it was finished, I was glad I did!

See the pics below for the process (though I have to apologize again for the bad quality of the first few pics - my camera phone just doesn't do macro!!!)

Enjoy! :-)

Ok so this is what it looked like to start with - a simple, long-ish piece of silver, cut to size to fit my finger.

Next thing I had to do was heat it up, then etch the design on it - getting these stave lines perfectly straight was a pain in the a**!!!

Then I had to hammer in the notes, which bent the silver piece... I had to hammer it straight, then add the vertical lines for the notes themselves.

This is what the piece then looked like on the back!

This is what the actual ring looks like after bending/hammering it into shape and soldering the ends to eachother (multiple times!!!)

And then it got pickled (which means throwing it into some acid solution which turns the whole thing completely white) and after the pickle and a good wash the final bit was to polish it to near perfection on this very dangerous polishing machine. VERY freaky that thing, so for the first part I let my instructor polish it for me, then I took over.

The final result :-) Isn't it gorgeous??????????

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bookbinding taster day!

I had forgotten how much I love bookbinding! I remember doing this bookbinding class about 12 or 13 years ago in Germany and loving it! I learned to create little notebooks, folders, portfolios, even boxes - all from scratch! My 'crafty' mind was in heaven! I kept with it for a few years making presents for people but then over time I forgot all about it.

When I saw this one-day class being advertised in the local Adult Learning booklet, I jumped at the chance.
Being there today has reminded me how cool this really is, how simple (at times) it can be and also nerve-wrecking!!!
I think I will definitely go back to doing this more often now - I just gotta remember what I did with all my paraphrenalia for bookbinding!!! :-)

So enjoy - apologies for the blurry pictures, I only had my phone with me and it's not very good at taking close up pictures!

(I even made the paper myself! Well, painted it, that is! :-)

(This is the actual color of the notebook - vibrant orange and blue!)