Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trip to Lisbon - Day 2

I slept quite badly last night - comes from being in the crappiest room in this entire hotel, I'm sure. My room is at the very end and right next to... well, I wish I knew what the hell it is that makes all that incredible noise but it sure as hell is loud! I woke up intermittently during the night, partly because of that stupid machine noise, and partly because of the sound my bed sheets make (they have a second layer of plastic so it makes rustling/swishy sounds everytime you move). Good grief! (For tonight I've simply removed the damn sheet since there's another one on top of it anyway).
I got up, had a shower and went downstairs for the included breakfast. Not too impressive but ok enough.
I set off to the old Expo 98 site again - after last night's trip I really wanted to see it in broad daylight. What can I say, maybe it's just me but that entire place has the feeling of an Expo. And don't ask me to explain that cause I can't. It just is that way. Just like it was in Montreal too. Very cool.

Anyway - only brief explanations as I upload the pics because I'm dead tired and have got another 8 hour walking around day tomorrow! And Friday! And half of Saturday! Enjoy! :-)

The Vasco Da Gama shopping centre - not much to shop for in there though!

View of the entrance to the Oriente train/metro station

Fish in the Tagus river (well actually in the water lake between the Portuguese Pavilion and the Ocenarium)

Boardwalk along the river Tagus

I couldn't not take these pictures - the mom wanted to take pics of her girls and they were so cute together I decided to take some too :-)

The entire Expo site is full with these seats... not too comfortable but so very, very cute!

Views of the Vasco Da Gama tower (which was sadly closed for construction or I would've gotten some stunning pics!!!), the Vasco Da Gama bridge and the cable car. The clouds really were that dark, it kinda rained for a few minutes in between rays of sunshine but only for a few minutes.

Same as above only with the lighting from a lovely sunset (see the river moving out? It started smelling really bad at that point LOL)

The Ocenarium in Lisbon - I thought of going in but was too knackered in the end. Plus I'm really not that keen on most animals so it would've possibly been a waste of time. Maybe I'll change my mind in the next few days.

Interesting looking building around the Expo site - can you say COLOR??? They look much cooler in real life than on these pics, by the way.

This is the Expo 98 mascot, Gil, at the north entrance. He's so cute, isn't he??? :-)

One of the funky fountains along the site...

The Atlantico Pavilion - a big indoor multi-purpose arena.

View on the Atlantico Pavilion and the walk of flags from the cable car.

Another view from the cable car, this time the boardwalk and on the right, a bit of the Ocenarium.

I've no idea which of the gardens this was in, but I found that giraffe hilarious!

I went into the Knowledge Pavilion, too (waste of money unless you're a loud, noisy, annoying kid!) and took this pic of some exhibit there.

Just some of the flags on the walk of flags ( I call it that cause I've no idea if there's a name for it LOL)

A lovely sunset over the Parques des Nacoes (aka old Expo 98 site) - what a day!

Ok, it's 1am now - time for bed! Night night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trip to Lisbon - Day 1

Well, I did not come back to Europe in vain, that much is clear. One of the main reasons for coming back was the simple fact that I realized how little I had seen of Europe in my 30 years of living here.
So here I am, about 7 weeks after getting back from the US - and I'm sticking to my word. I have booked myself on a short 5 day trip to Lisbon, Portugal.

I'm way too tired to write anything, besides, I really don't have that much to say yet. From what I've seen so far (in the dark and from the air) Lisbon is a total knockout city. I can't wait to run my feet ragged for the next few days.

I only spent a few hours on the old Expo 98 site here in Lisbon but it was fab! The weather, though it looked like it would be nasty, seemed to have gone (for the day at least) so I didn't have to put up with rain! YEY! Granted, all pics I took and all filming did happen while it was dark outside but I shall return for more later! Until then, enjoy the first day pics!

Flying over northern Spain/Portugal with beautiful mountains peeking through the clouds!

I had to get a shot of these windmills (and film them too, as a matter of fact) - they looked too cool!

Looks nasty, doesn't it? The looming dark clouds over Lisbon - thankfully there was no rain when I got ready to go sightseeing a few hours later!

The ex-Expo 98 site and the Vasco Da Gama shopping centre at its entrance. Looks MUCH more imposing than in this picture!!!

Still at the Expo site - part of the Oriente train station

And this is some tower close to the Vasco Da Gama bridge but I can't by the life of me remember what it was called - I will get more info tomorrow. And a better picture! LOL

That's all folks! Goodnight! :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SO cool

Click on this and play away! :-)