Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some of my treasures

This weekend I decided to do a bit of cleaning through my library of books. Some had to go (will be on their way to the charity shop soon), others, newly bought, found a new home on my bookshelf amidst their peers.

And some... well, some got some extra attention from me :-) Because they're some of my mostest, favouritest, bestes books ever!!!

Cecilia Ahern - A place called here - best storyline I have read in a LONG time! Brilliantly written and what imagination!!! Am not big on Cecilia Ahern's books but this one is simply amazing!

Sophie Kinsella - Shopaholic series - How can you NOT have read these fabulous books??? From the first book of the series I have loved, loved, loved to read all about Becky Bloomwood. Written in such a witty voice, I will read and reread these books until the day I can read no more!

Helen Dunmore - Ingo - Again, this is actually a series of books, written for young adults but oh, what a lovely world she paints when she writes about Ingo, the world of water! I would have never picked this book up if it hadn't been for the mermaid on the cover (huuuchuuu Vanessa!! :-) but boy, am I glad I did.

Deborah Wright - Love Eternally - This one came as a huge surprise. I thought it would be another easy going chick lit book (which it is) but the story behind it is so unbelievably sweet and real! I borrowed this from the library but as soon as I was done reading it, I knew I had to buy it. A total keeper!

And now on to the non-ficition books I adore...

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Bicentennial Edition 1770-1970 - There's a funny story that goes with this book. I was in Nashua going through the books the library there had for sale one day and I suddenly saw this guy with this book in his hands, carrying it around. I wanted to punch myself for not having seen it first but I followed the dude around for as long as it took to at least get the name of the book. I then went home and paid quite a good sum of money to get this online (would've been like $5 in the book sale!! ARGGH!!!). Still, worth every penny - one of my favourite Beethoven books!

Julia Cameron - The Artist's Way - I can't ever put into words how much this book has helped me. A 12 week program on how to 'unblock' your artist, this book simply makes you look at what you can do to allow yourself to be a creative soul again. After years of starving myself of any kind of creativity, this book (along with the class I took on SongU) literally saved me. I keep going back to it over and over again and find that there's always something new to learn from in there.

Rudyard Kipling's Verse - Definitive Edition - I came across this book at another book sale at the library in Nashua a few years ago. I am NOT a poetry fan but Rudyard Kipling's name has stayed with me since the first time I heard Lane Davies recite 'If' on Santa Barbara (see it HERE if you want to get massive goosebumps - Lane is simply incredible!!!) so when I saw this book, I picked it up. 'If' is, of course, in there too but so are hundreds of others of his works. Really enjoyable pieces!

Jacques Steinberg - The Gatekeepers - Another one from a booksale in Nashua. I ADORE this book even though you'll find it strange when I tell you why. It's about the student selection process of universities in the US. You'd think that's the most boring thing EVER, but the author (one of the people who was part of the selection process at one particular university) writes with such an intriguing voice and the stories of those pupils he mentions are so interesting and exciting. It's like a good thriller, where at the end you find out how it all fits together and who the killer is. I was literally on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear what happened to each of the students mentioned. Brilliantly written!

Charles Nicholl - Leonardo Da Vinci - there's not much to say about that. My mild 'obsession' with Leonardo started when the Lightbox had the Leonardo exhibition last year and I first learned how incredible of a genius he was in every single aspect of life, particularly as an inventor. This book is a good biography on the man and his life, his inventions and his art.

The Joy of Cooking - Rombauer, Becker, Becker - I picked this book up in the US when I was looking for the ultimative book on cooking. Needless to say, at 1132 pages, this book really DOES tell you all there is to know about cooking. There's recipes, of course, but more importantly for me, there's everything about everything in there. How to choose meat, how to cut fish, how to... well, you get the idea. EVERYTHING is in there and I adore this book... I just wish I'd have the patience to cook more often so I could use it regularly!

And last but not least - here's a look at my current 'library of books'. This is just the books...

... and this is after I add all the 'stuff' that sadly, doesn't have its own space (pictures, mementos, etc...)

Friday, January 15, 2010

A package for me???

Hmmm... a quiz for my readers.

What might you find in this package delivered to me a few days ago??? (and yes, this is exactly how it was delivered apart from a cable that was tied around the bag's neck)

Please post your guesses below (Ally you're forbidden since you know exactly what it is!)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Winter wonderland

Yes, it's snowing again, here in lovely England (that's just a joke, btw... the lovely bit, not the snow bit).
Wrapped up warm inside my apartment, I took these pics from my living room window - enjoy! The snow is STILL falling and if I can be bothered to get out of my apartment later I shall take more pics.

My car is the one on the left...

Human footprints intersect with animal footprints :-)

Quite possibly the pidgeon responsible for crapping all over my car when I park underneath that tree. I do wish my camera was a shotgun!

Awwww.... so pretty!

More prettiness!

There's always SOME idiots who feel the need to drive in these conditions!

Final prettiness (for now)