Monday, August 30, 2010

Redecorating - part 1

Well, the redecorating bug has bitten me. Badly! After hanging out on Young House Love's website for WEEKS (I am NOT kidding... and soooooo worth it!!!), I was itching to redo this space that I call my home.
Sadly, everything I did want to change here needed approval from my landlady so diplomatic maneuvers were required to make sure I was allowed to do some of the following things:

1. Get rid of old, disgustingly ugly bed and mattress (since I'm renting a furnished flat)
2. Get rid of old, even more disgustingly ugly sofa
3. Get rid of old, unusable shelving unit which was missing so many damn screws that putting a feather on it would've made it collapse
4. Get rid of massive and ugly wardrobe which was truly falling apart even without trying to move it out of the way
5. Paint the walls in the bedroom a lovely Dulux Light & Space 'Nordic Spa' green to freshen up the room and let more light in
6. Paint the hallway and living room a lovely Dulux Light & Space 'Desert Wind' cream color to lighten up the room
7. Paint the ceilings a bright white to make rooms look bigger (cause they desperately need it!!!!)
8. Put laminate floor and /or carpet down to replace the disgusting carpet that has been in here for at least 8 years, if not more - *shudder*

Overall, I got the OK for all of the above, with the landlady fronting the cost of the materials (for the painting) and the labor (for the laminating and carpeting and I'm so glad she wanted professionals to do it!).

So I roped in Ally and Julian to slave away with me at painting this place and we got pretty much most of it done on Saturday. You wouldn't think it's a big deal considering it's such a small space, but since the flat is full of my stuff/crap/furniture, it meant that everything had to be packed up and moved, then the painting could start and then you'd do the same thing all over again with the other rooms.

Two days later I was aching, blistered and pretty much unable to move without yelping in pain (that's old age, right there!!!). Still, the flat it painted, the horrid furniture pieces are gone and I am now waiting for the laminate floor men to come on Wednesday and start putting laminate down in the hallway and the living room. Carpet will be put down in the bedroom the week after so in approximately two weeks, I shall have an almost newly painted/decorated flat.

With all this change of course, comes the responsibility of buying a new bed, a new wardrobe, a new sofa, more storage space in the form of shelves or chests of drawers and many, many other things!!!

Needless to say, my imagination has run wild thanks to the YHL blog mentioned above, which is overflowing with ideas for literally anything you might want to know about decorating, as well as the new catalogues from IKEA (thank you, gods, for creating the most awesome furniture place in this galaxy!), Argos, M&S Home and Tesco Direct. I've been leafing through all of them, turning corners on the things that I either want to have or those that give me ideas of what I could make myself.

So far, I've actually managed to write everything in a little notebook, so as not to forget all my 'brilliant' ideas. The hard part comes next, whereby I really need to sort through these ideas, see which ones are feasible (I doubt my landlady will let me put too many picture hooks through her walls) and which ones are affordable. Because of course, I need to take things slow and not go out there and spend every dime I have!!!

So anyway... this is the first of many updates. I've made the conscious decision to take things slows when it comes to decorating, so a final result will be slow in coming as I will literally have to do things bit by bit. But at least that means I can keep getting excited about new products/ideas for a bit longer!

I have no before pictures (apart from the bed) because quite frankly, it was all so ugly, it doesn't bear thinking about. But I shall attempt to take as many pictures as possible of the new stuff. It's not easy since this is SUCH a dark place, but whatcha gonna do, eh???

So... stay tuned - I shall update this as soon as new stuff is happening! :-)