Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tiredness and the fun of fighting

I was so incredibly tired today - a Garthnutt came to visit last night and we stayed up till about 1.30 in the morning just chatting and remembering Garth stories. When is that damn man coming out of retirement???
Thanks for the fun, Ros - it was great to meet up again!

Sadly this meant very little sleep and for the first time in this job, I almost fell asleep while on the phone to a customer! I only put my head on the desk for "a few seconds" and noticed just in time that I was drifting off! (granted, the customer wasn't saying anything as he was trying out a solution I gave him, but still!). I'm not young anymore - I need my sleep! I got home around 5pm and fell asleep instantly only to wake up three hours later. Guess who won't sleep tonight *sigh*.

Another tidbit from work - I had somewhat of an "exchange of opinions" with a person in my team who thinks he's the centre of the earth. He was sticking his nose where it doesn't belong again and I gave him my piece of mind about it. My adrenalin must've gone through the roof at this point but what was best about this episode was the fact that people from the team came over after that "discussion" and congratulated me on telling him to go where the sun don't shine. Everyone hates the way he's interfering. Seeing as his role in the team is made to be interfering he's just making things so much more complicated for himself. A more competent people person would deal with this in a very different manner but he's no good. He'll find out soon enough how much the team "loves" him. In the meantime I'm having fun putting him in his place ;-)
And don't you all know - if there's something I'm good at then it's criticizing others! I've found my vocation!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The end...

... of my dentistry torture has arrived!!!
I've had my last appointment today - I look like a little rabbit with the upper lip a bit swollen but when I left they said "Bye Maria - see you in 6 months!"
Oh what a blessing to hear those words. Not "see you soon" or "see you next week" - fabulous.
I'm so proud of myself, I'm gonna go and eat some ice cream to celebrate (well and maybe because it's the only thing I can eat for now LOL)

As for work - two down, three to go (days, that is). Thank heavens. Next week will be a short one also and I intend to enjoy it.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

On stage...

Wow, what a feeling - to be on stage again. I'd forgotten what it was like, how I love it, how it makes my heart want to explode with pride and happiness.

After joining the Woking Choral Society sometime at the end of March I finally performed live with the choir at the H.G. Wells centre in Woking last night.
We'd had 11 or 12 weeks to prepare the pieces we did for the concert and to be very honest (and as usual, extremely critical) I felt like we weren't nearly as ready as we should've been. I didn't feel 100% confident, there were lots of parts that didn't sit well and I knew I'd mess them up during the concert.
And yet, at 7.30 last night we were up on stage performing those songs (check the link above to see what we performed). I was incredibly nervous at first, I could barely breathe (bad thing when you've got to sing!!! LOL). Thankfully we only performed 3 songs and had a break of about 20 minutes while the soloist and pianists performed their pieces. I calmed down a lot during that time.
When it was our turn again, I was totally into it and loved every second of it (not so much the Nonsense songs though). My overly critical ear heard every little mistake we'd tried to iron out in previous rehearsals but it didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying myself.
It was over way too soon - I was totally high afterwards and then totally down. Making music, singing, being on stage does that to me. Just like being on a rollercoaster ride, there's ups and downs - and the end of the concert was a huge anti-climax.
On top of that comes the fact that we've only got two more weeks choir rehearsal where we'll just be singing a little piece by Rossini (I think) and then there's a good 2 months summer break. I'm already looking forward to summer being over and our weekly rehearsals starting again.

I'll finish this with a picture of the lovely bouquet of flowers I've received to wish me good luck - they're BLUE! (thanks A&J!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Eventful Tuesday

I'd say it was an eventful day today so this will be a bit longer.

To start things off, I had a dentist appointment in the morning.
Needless to say that I hate going to the dentist (I don't hate the dentist anymore as mine is fabulous! Finally someone I can trust and feel comfortable with!) but I needed to get some fillings done and I thought I'd share a picture of my personal "house of torture" ;-)

Second event - well, this will be a moan about work - might as well get used to it, you'll be reading much about it.
We had a team meeting today. Just at the thought of that all my hairs stand on end.
I should explain: please don't imagine a team meeting as being something where us lower "support folk" actually get to influence the way our live at work is shaped. Oh no. It's purely for some sort of sick entertainment purposes. I'm convinced of that.
And because it's really late and I haven't got the energy to go into a full blown tirade about it, I'll just say - again, incapable people made incompetent decisions. Again, the loosers are we. Again, we are still supposed to view this as a "be happy you've still got a job" situation. I say - bullshit!
And what makes me really angry is that most in my team think the same but when it comes to speaking up, I'm the only stupid idiot. And whilst I think I'll be backed up, suddenly I look behind me and nobody's there. I have made the decision to stop getting involved a while ago and I've put this to work today. I spent the entire team meeting shutting up. Damn, I knew it would be hard bu I'm proud to say I did it.
Watch this space for the never ending work tales..

The third event was my last Spanish lesson today.
After 30 weeks of two hour Spanish sessions I can say that I am now able to barely get through a conversation and would probably manage to survive in Spain if needed. I'd love to continue with Spanish 2 but it starts in September and so many things can change until then.
The last lesson was a bit sad (even though our class has shrunk from 13 people at the beginning to 4 at the end LOL) - I will miss my Spanish teacher, she was good fun.
One of the last things we did today was watch some BBC Spanish lesson from a video tape. The VCR looked fairly new but at the sight of the TV I knew I had to take a picture. See below!!!!!

I mean - those things STILL exist? It must be at least 20 years old. If you look to the right, you can see the buttons you have to use to turn the volume up and down and change channels! Ah, the good ol days when people didn't have to fight over the remote control... ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2005

It's Monday - at work...

This is the view from my desk. I'm lucky in that I actually look out to lovely trees and some patches of sky.
But especially today, when it's really hot and sunny outside (well, for the UK anyway), I'd much rather be outside instead of stuck in this office.
However, as you can see in the forefront - my friends Big Squirt and Little Squirt are keeping me company. I'll say - sometimes they're much better company then people here.
Only 6.5 hours to go...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

What is a blog?!?!?

After a conversation with my sister today I had to shockingly realize that there are people out there who have no idea what a blog is.
Needless to say I feel compelled to educate those who've never heard of a blog - maybe it will lighten up their days as much as some blogs have lit up mine.

Wikipedia's definition of a blog is as follows:

A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Although most early weblogs were manually updated, tools to automate the maintenance of such sites made them accessible to a much larger population, and the use of some sort of web application software is now a typical aspect of "blogging".

For the full article and explanation follow this link.

I've read many blogs but I can't really say that any of them fascinated me enough to check back daily. With one exception, that is. If you speak German and are interested in some really funny and intelligent blog entries you should go to VIG's Daily Soap and check out all her entries. I promise you won't be disappointed.

As for the English speakers (and those who love Google as much as I do) - the internal Google blog is always fun to read so check it out. It should keep you updated on everything Google and their new products.

And if you now feel that a blog could be something you'd quite like to do yourself - go to Blogger and they will provide you with a very simple template to create your own blog and share your thoughts and opinions with the world! (Make sure you let me know when you do...)

Friday, June 17, 2005

The first...

I should probably start by saying that I can be really nasty. Sometimes. If I'm being pushed to the limit.
Don't be too shocked, I'm sure everyone knows I've got that "bad bone" in my body. If there are people out there who push the wrong buttons, I will react accordingly.

Not to say that this blog will be all about being nasty but I don't think I can stop it under certain circumstances. And seeing as I'll be writing about it, I don't intend to feel guilty either.

You will most likely hear me complain about one of two things: work or the UK. Neither subject is something I'm particularly happy with at the moment but you never know - things can change.
I will try to keep a daily update on here, even if it's just two, three sentences. Some will be more upbeat than others. I also intend to post pictures. Not sure of what at the moment but I'm sure I'll find plenty along the way. After all I live here and pretty much everyone I know doesn't.

So anyway - feel free to post comments. I'm writing this in English but clearly, German comments will be just as welcome (though I'd appreciate the effort of at least trying to respond in English)