Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a night!

Who would've thought that the day that started so badly would end on such a glorious note.
My stupid neighbour was up again at 6am, stomping around and slamming doors left, right and center. Having gone to bed at around 1am last night, I didn't take it so well. I guess screaming "You stupid asshole" didn't make much difference. I managed to get back to sleep for another two hours, only to wake up sneezing. And the sneezing never stopped until about 5pm. My nose was blocked, my throat was starting to hurt and I kept thinking... WHY TODAY? I've got a choir performance to get through tonight, why today???

Thankfully both the sneezing and the sore throat went away shortly before I left for the performance. Black shirt, black skirt is how they dress for concerts around here. I felt confident with all the pieces we were singing and I was looking forward to performing with my new choir and our new conductor.

I could go into details but there just isn't any point. We simply rocked! We were so VERY, VERY good, I couldn't help grinning throughout the entire first half. Diane, our conductor is such a joy to watch, too. She is smiling all the time and is so enthusiastic about it all, it makes it a million times more fun to sing!
The second part was even better due to the confidence we had gathered throughout the first part and everybody just clapped and clapped and clapped for what seemed like ages!

And for me personally, apart from the joy I got from singing my heart out, it was even better to have 4 people there to watch me perform. Hard to believe that after 4 years in Woking, nobody I had gotten to know from work ever came to see me perform. And here I am, 4 months into my US stint and 4 people from work show up. It was awesome to have them there. Singing TO somebody makes the whole experience so much nicer...

Off to bed now, I'm totally worn out - but happily so ;-)

P.S. One of the ladies I was standing/singing next to said something so incredible to me during the interval. She said "I really respect you - you really enjoy singing AND you take it seriously, too". Needless to say, that meant the world, even if coming from an almost stranger.

Can't stop grinning... can't stop grinning... can't stop grinning... :-D

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh for heaven's sake!!!!!

What's next????

New Zealand students may 'text-speak' in exams

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Throwaway day

I really could've done without today. Sometimes work is just friggin busy and sometimes it's UNBEARABLE. Like today. What made it worse than usual was the fact that some of the few people left in the IT team are so goddamn unflexible. Truth be told, those were people who always were unflexible but now, when pushed to their limits they break and take it out on others. I hate nothing more than being talked down to in such a condescending way that I feel like I'm 3 years old and have done something wrong. And I hate the fact that some people don't get that it would make life a lot nicer and easier if we worked WITH eachother, not AGAINST eachother. Oh well... at least today is over.

But there is some good coming out of today, too. After a week on Weight Watchers where I didn't write a single thing down (and WW people know that writing down what you eat is as necessary as counting points)and pigged out over the weekend, I expected the worst when I stepped onto the scale at the meeting. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that I had lost 2.6 pounds! Wohoooo!!! What's not so good obviously, is the fact that I am pretty much eating microwaved WW meals for lunch and stuffing my face with WW ice cream or other low point sweets in the evening. So I really have not changed my lifestyle, which is where WW is trying to point you towards.
What I absolutely LOVED about the meeting today was what the leader said she'd read in a book she bought recently. She was saying "When you drive your car towards a destination and you miss your exit, do you ever say - oh well, missed it - and keep driving on? No, you don't. You make a U-Turn and find that exit again and eventually get to where you were going. Same applies to weight loss. If you've had a few bad days and you think oh screw it, it's all ruined now anyway and you give up, that's wrong. All you gotta do is make that U-Turn the next day, find your way back to where you were before and continue to the destination!"
It totally rings a bell with me. I usually tend to go overboard one day and then the next I keep thinking, well, I've ruined yesterday so might as well ruin today. And it just goes round and round in a circle. So, I'm gonna try to remember the U-Turn theory and hope that it will eventually help me.

My current NaNoWriMo novel is going absolutely NOWHERE. I'm not sure if I should continue with it because truth be told, it just doesn't inspire me. I might start another one, with an idea I've had for years too. Or I might just give up altogether. Work is so stressful nowadays, I barely have time to breathe so I'm not sure I'll have the energy to sit down in the evenings and write 50,000 words. But I shall try.

Enough for today... it's 8.30pm and I'm already dead tired. Think I'll be heading to bed early. Night night!

Friday, November 03, 2006


What fun today was! I knew that the worldwide support conference was going to happen this weekend, and that all my old support friends would be flying out to Boston today and I was really looking forward to it!
What I didn't expect was the sheer happiness I felt at seeing them all. It was so good to catch up with everyone (apart from evil team leader - UGH), I laughed so hard, we reminisced a lot, we caught up on everything. It was really, really cool. On top of that I met a very sweet guy that I knew through instant messaging and emailing from Canada support and he turned out to be the sweetest and most talented guy (though he was slightly drunk). I've got a feeling we will become good friends over time, we totally dig eachother. Oh I should mention we all met up in the evening for beer and pizza at their hotel, thus the drunk thing.
I left about three hours later with a huge grin on my face. It's interesting to realize how much I've missed those peeps. With IBM pretty much "decimating" us here, I never had time to start feeling part of a team because the team disbanded very quickly. With these guys, I've got years worth of history in common - we go a LONG way back. And it's cool to see that they missed me as much as I missed them.
It's a huge shame that we didn't have more time to talk but I intend to make that happen when I fly out to the UK at the end of this month. There's gotta be more one-on-one time than we had now, there's still so much to say...
Suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun and it did me a world of good to see everyone again - there's just something about working in a team for a long period of time that automatically makes you grow fonder of eachother as time passes by. I'll miss those nutters when they will leave...

Off to bed now - haven't practiced my guitar or written ANY words in my NaNo novel today! I shall catch up over the weekend, I promise!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For the sake of writing

Hard to believe last year's NaNoWriMo was a whole year ago!!! And even harder to believe that I managed to finish the 50,000 words in pretty much 20 days!!!

So in the spirit of last year's success I have decided to try it again... and maybe this time I can actually FINISH the damn thing! Problem is, of course, that contrary to last year, I have no idea what to write about. I have bits and pieces here and there, from different stories that I've wanted to write but they're not interconnected and I'm not sure I can make them. On top of that I'm attempting a science fiction novel, which at the best of times isn't an easy feat. I haven't exactly got the imagination to make up whole science fictiony things!!! But, I shall try and in the end, like last year, I will have to give in to my characters. Because as time goes by I will have less and less to say and they will tell their story themselves.
So with that... to a good NaNoWriMo 2006 - may I reach 50,000 without tearing my hair out and/or hanging myself! (I shall keep the little icon at the top to keep you updated on my word count - it does that automatically!)

On a different note... I've got a new car. Fingers crossed it won't stall on me like that stupid Kia Spectra did. It's a 98 Dodge Stratus - needless to say, I didn't really want an American car but I can't really afford a Japanese one yet. Especially since I just don't know what I will do come July 5th. So for now, this one will have to do. Doesn't have ABS though... I'm hoping it won't get too dangerous in the winter! Oh yeah... and it's a dark blueish color, I think.

Tons more to write about but heaven knows, I haven't got the time. I've been living on 5 hours sleep the past few days and that's not really acceptable. Considering the fact that I do put in about 3 hours overtime everyday (UNPAID!!!), I should at least sleep.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow... bloody IBM is forcing us to spend a WHOLE DAY in a room with another 25 people, doing roleplays, little games and presentations to initiate us into the "IBM Continuum". We will be discussing "IBM Values"... because that is SO much more important than working, especially now that I'm on my own doing the work of 4 people because THEY drove 3 of them away. I rest my case. And yeah, I'm bitter. VERY, VERY bitter. So DO keep your fingers crossed for me because I can usually not keep my big mouth shut. Could get me into trouble.... *sigh*