Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catch up session

Well, I haven't written in a while, not because I had nothing to say (HA! That'll be the day!) but because I was waiting for something new to happen jobwise.

I had applied for two jobs within IBM, one here in MA and one in NC. The one I really want is in NC though of course I'd have to move down there. And for the one here in MA I just got an email from the manager today telling me that they'll have to pass because they're looking for someone more technical! LOLOLOLOL I almost pissed myself laughing. It's a job for a course developer, writing training books, ok? And in our first conversation he emphasized the fact that he was impressed by my product knowledge and that the presentation he wanted me to do for him was all about trying to show him if I can do technical writing. And now he turns around and tells me that I'm not technical enough. You gotta laugh, haven't you? To be honest, I never did want that job anyway. I dragged putting the presentation together until the very last minute and really didn't quite see myself enjoying doing that kind of job. And the guy reminded me of my old support manager, which isn't good (Eric, Caroline, Kaj - think Tom S.). So it's just as well.

Seeing as I've had a third interview with the NC job, I'd like to think that it's good news so keep your fingers crossed! Once I'd made my peace with the fact that I'd be leaving yet enother choir I adore, I really started loving the idea of living in NC. Of course I won't count my chickens before they're hatched but hope can never be wrong. I think I'd be so good at that job too... it would be doing everything I've always enjoyed about my old support job - installations, getting behind the nitty gritty in a product. Again, keep your fingers crossed!

On a different level, I've started bloody Weight Watchers AGAIN. I know, you're tired of hearing it. Well, believe you me, I'm tired of saying it, I'm tired of having to do it, I'm tired full stop. Still, my weight is getting out of control and for the sake of my health I need to LOSE IT! It doesn't make it easier that people gasp in shock when I tell them how much I actually weigh. Because I KNOW I don't look as fat but I am. SO, with renewed vigor, on to counting points and hopefully being good.

I'm thinking of attacking this slightly differently this time. I tended to stick to WW for about 8 to 9 weeks and then it would fall apart. That was mainly due to the fact that whilst WW allows you eat anything you want, I used to deny myself stuff that was high in points because I thought I could get such better value for my points than chocolate or Pringles or whatever else. Obviously that backfired many times because when I did want something I'd have a HUGE amount instead of just a little.
And now, I've decided to eat whatever I want, yes even chocolate, but try as hard as I can to stick to my points daily. On top of that I have made the decision to cook proper meals. And when I say proper meals, I mean recipes from books. And recipes that I don't strip of anything I don't have at home or might not like or is too expensive or whatever. I will cook the damn things they way they say it in books. This way I'll get more diverse foods and hopefully that'll help! Again, wish me luck!

I also bought myself an 80GB iPod. It's white and it's pretty and I LOVE it! I especially love the "shuffle" feature. At the moment I only have something like 12GB on it but shuffling through 2400 songs brings up a lot of those that I haven't heard in years. It's awesome.
I've particularly started listening to the soundtrack from the movie "Music & Lyrics". Very infectious combination of music from the 80s and nowadays' pop. Makes for some great kick you ass kinda music when you're in the mood to dance!

Ice skating is still happening by the way. The reason I haven't written about it is because there's nothing new I've been learning lately. After a few weeks of learning new stuff, I got stuck. The stuff I do know I can do ok-ish, the stuff I can't do (like skating backwards) is taking me AGES to learn. I'm making teensy bits of progress but obviously that doesn't encourage new stuff to be learned. So I spend most of my skating lessons trying to perfect what I already know, even though I sometimes feel like I'll never get there. Again, I do believe that it would be easier if I lost some weight and I'm using skating to help me lose some so it's a good two way street. Sadly, there is no more public skating sessions at lunchtime at the rink I used to practice at so I really don't have much of a chance to practice anymore, which sucks. I shall try to get my practice in on the weekends (can you say BLOODY KIDS?) or otherwise.

Alright, I only meant to make a short entry - I don't even wanna think about how long this would've been had I wanted to make a long entry! LOL

Anyway... I'll kee you updated with everything else as it develops. At the moment I really want this NC job. Oh and if it doesn't work out, I at least have a two months extension in my current job. Meaning I've got two more months to look around for something else here. Not that I really want to. Have I mentioned I want the job in NC yet??? ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Feeling whiny

I haven't had a good weekend at all - for some inexplicable reason I'm being plagued by earache. It's not bad enough to warrant going to see a doctor but it's a persistent, inconvenient kind of pain that is strong enough to not let you forget it's there.
Thus, I didn't do anything I planned to do this weekend. Bribing myself with tons of food and watching movies didn't distract me enough either - the pain's still there.
I'm hoping it will eventually go away before I have to really go see a doctor. I've made it a year here without having to go to one, why now???

Am dreading work tomorrow... how will I concentrate on work with earache??? UGH, I wish it was the weekend again.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh good grief...

... is this Paris Hilton crap NEVER going to end?

Kid, you got drunk, got caught, got your licence revoked, then got drunk again and drove anyway. Now it's time to pay - off to jail, do not go over Start, do not collect $200. Why such a friggin big deal? Why get released, then incarcerated again? Cause you're rich and famous for being a nobody???

Seriously, it blows my mind how some parts of the world work. How some minds work too. Can't someone put a ban on all things Paris Hilton please???

Monday, June 04, 2007

The vacation - partners in crime ;-)

It's time for the people shots... very few of me for obvious reasons and lots of pictures of my friends. There are some pictures which don't have that great a quality - that's because they were taken by my video camera (I can shoot film on it and then later just snap pictures from that film! COOL!!!)
Enjoy! :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

The vacation - beautiful scenery, part 3

The following pictures come from our trip with the Cog Railway from the Base Station to the top of Mt. Washington.
Needless to say, it was an amazing adventure. Throughout the entire vacation, my comments of excitement had been reduced to "WOW"s and "Isn't that beautiful"s and "Unbelievable"s. Truth is, there's just no words that could describe some of the beauty of the scenery we passed through. And maybe it's not even all that beautiful compared to some other places but for me, in that moment, when I was craving beauty and I needed to feel like there were some good things still left in this world, those spots were my paradise for the moment.

On shaky ground - going up in the Cog Railway car at something like 5mph if at all. It was slow enough to walk alongside of it! LOL

Looking forward towards the incline...

The frost on trees as we got higher and higher on the mountain...

The water tank, providing water to keep us going up! (and later down!)

How the water didn't freeze up there is a mystery to me - the entire tank was surrounded by icicles...

Every now and then the clouds/fog would lift and you'd get a glimpse of the beautiful blue sky...

Another track picture, looking forward to inching up on the mountain...

Another one of those few seconds when the fog would lift - this was the view down into the valley below Mt. Washington

Frozen trees, plants... basically frozen everything!

Seeing the Rail Station for the first time was like being in some kind of scifi movie! It would show up and then the fog would cloud it again and then it would show up again. Seriously weird to approach it and not believe you weren't on some other planet!

On the way down, out of the blue the fog lifted... and stayed away until we got down to the Base Station again! Breathtaking views but sadly the windows on the carriage reflected too much...

When we left to go up, we couldn't even see as far as the first hill to go over... by the time we got back three hours later, it was the most beautiful day and you could see for miles around! To the right of the picture is Mt. Washington and its frozen top where we'd just come from.

Lost River Gorge - this was supposed to be a place where there were lots of caves you could try to crawl into but more than 70% of them were actually closed. I felt cheated in paying the $11 for just a walk around, even if it was as beautiful and romantic as below...

Kancamangus Highway in the White Mountains - and an obligatory waterfall by the roadside...

More White Mountains...

Mt. Washington from afar - this was the day after we'd gone up on it and if you look closely you can actually see the station at the top.

More Mt. Washington, and the red rooftop building you can see also was some kind of resort. I don't even want to think of how much that would've cost!

Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. We only got a brief few hours sitting around, playing games and just relaxing - our trip was nearing the end and the next day we would head home.

More Lake Champlain...

There's more pictures coming up so tune in soon to see more! ;-)

The vacation - beautiful scenery, part 2

I never realized how fascinated I was with waterfalls/cascades/falls - whatever you wanna call them. I always thought of them as beautiful forces of nature but didn't have a clue what an exhilarating experience is it to stand so close to one of them.
The following pictures depict the Glen Ellis Falls in the White Mountains, NH.
To stand at the top and watch and hear the water cascade down at rapid speed was exciting but nothing beats the feeling of actually standing right in front of the water, seeing it rush towards you from high up, hearing it louder and louder in your ears.

Both my poor cameras (video and SLR) had to bear the brunt of the water, I knew no shame. I aimed the lenses at the raging water and in less than a second the vision on both cameras was blurred by waterdrops. Granted, not the best thing to do to expensive camera equipment but honestly, at that particular moment I was so ridiculously happy that I figured if it's the last thing I do, I'll have keepsakes of that memory (see my manic grin in the last picture). Enjoy the pics, more coming tomorrow... :-)