Thursday, May 08, 2008

Forever etched in my memory

There is this record label called 'Varese Sarabande'. I found out about it on the internet via a group I had joined on Facebook. A group of fans of the mini-series North and South. It was there that I realized that one of my 'wildest' fantasies had finally come true.
Everyone who knew me in my teenage years knew of my obsession with North and South. I guess in a way it was the beginning of my intense love relationship with TV.
And when I say obsession, I MEAN obsession.
- I used to wake up 90 minutes earlier than usual every morning so I could watch an episode (a 90 minute episode) of N&S before I went to school.
- I begged my parents to give me my weekly allowance in advance so I could buy VCR tapes so I could tape it when it was rerun on German TV.
- I WROTE DOWN entire scenes and memorized them, and in an ultimate attempt to protect myself from bullies at school, I wrote down the entire spoken introduction to the series on a piece of paper which I had carefully folded and held on to so many times when I simply felt the need to feel strong and brave. In my head, feeling this strongly about N&S actually made me feel incredibly powerful and all jokes and evil remarks simply vanished so long as I could recite those words and hold on to that piece of paper. When the paper eventually wore out, I'd carefully write a new one again, exactly the same as the previous one.
- I even went as far as to collect every teeny tiny scrap of paper from magazines that had a picture or even just the name of the series on it, carrying it with me at school and looking through them when I was bored or sad or just needed to smile. A complete hysterical breakdown happened when one of my teachers (can't remember her name but Lord, did I HATE her) demanded all those clippings from me and instead of telling her where to shove it, I stupidly gave them to her and broke down crying, knowing I'd never see any of them again. And I didn't.
So, well... I guess that's quite a bit of an insight into my soul now but you have to understand that in order to understand what follows.

Because Varese Sarabande have actually released a limited edition COMPLETE soundtrack of Bill Conti's North and South soundtrack.
Let me explain.
There already was a CD out with about 10 songs in total from two different series, N&S being one of them. The scores for both series is written by the incredible genius Bill Conti who I completely and utterly worship. On this CD though, there was only space for 5 or 6 of the 'theme songs' from N&S.
This new compilation is EVERYTHING!!!!!
Try to imagine... N&S is a mini-series which consists of 12 episodes at 90 minutes each (and don't get technical with me if you know N&S, the 3rd book just simply doesn't count, that's how rubbish it is!!!!). Now try to imagine the sheer amount of music that had to be composed for that entire length. And yes, of course there were scenes that didn't have background music but they really weren't all that many.
I suppose to be able to understand my excitement you would also have had to have watched this piece of amazing television. Because not only is the story great and the settings beautiful and the actors absolutely faultless, it is the music that carries the whole thing to a completely different level.

And I am now sitting here listening to literally every tiny little melody that was used in this series and I can actually SEE it develop in front of my eyes. Without having to look at a single scene. I can hear the voices, I can see the expressions on people's faces, I see entire scenes as they play out - just by listening to a piece of music. This entire series is etched into my memory so deeply that I could probably never watch it again and still 'see' it by just listening to these 4 CDs of uninterrupted magic.
I could honestly go into such detail here and tell you about each individual little song and how it works on the scenes and what it does but that would take it way too far LOL
But there are many "Oh I wish I could" moments in my life - this is the one that's finally worked out for me. And my happiness truly knows no bounds! :-D